Lost In Translation: Lovers in Paris

Watching selected scences of famous Hanryu (the Korean wave) dramas, we try to translate dialogues from Korean to English line by line.
LIT is good in many ways such as;
- it's very practical, since we get to translate everyday expressions to English
- you get to try yourself first, then Jane gives you more precise expressions if any
- moreover, it's fun to watch the most famous Korean dramas!
Every semester, a Korean drama (often consisting of 16 episodes, so that we can finish in 16 weeks!) is carefully chosen by Jane.
So far, we've watched "My name is Kim Sam Soon", "Full House" and “My Girl”.
This semester, we’ll watch “Lovers in Paris” where Kim Jeong-Eun, Park Shin-Yang and Lee Dong-Gun show love that every women dream of.
10pm Wed

Lovers in Paris