AP System

Brief introduction. What is AP System ?

See the presentation file [pptx]

How to make the program

    Click 'New Program' button in the menu programs. 
    Then enter the information of your program. 
    'Password' is for managing your program. 
    You can use 'password' to modify your program information later. 
    'Secret code' is for submitting attendance.
    You should let others (participants of the your program) know 'secret code' during the program, 
    so that they can get AP points.

How to submit your AP points (attendance)

    All participants of the program should submit attendance on their own. 
    During the program, 'secret code' of the program will be given by program leader. 
    Using this 'secret code', go to 'attendance' menu in our AP system,
    and submit your AP points.

AP - activity point.

    All program participating members need to get this every week.
    Activity points can be obtained by participating in regular programs or activities. 
    The current standard is 5 activity points per week. 
    In contrast to activity points, there are penalty points, 
    which members get by failing to get enough activity points per week or by disrespecting the rules of residence in dormitory. 
    Penalty points accumulate and exceeding 25 leads to immediate expulsion from dormitory.

APM - activity points manager.

Members of dormitory responsible for summarizing every program participating member's activity points.

GA - group activity.

    Every member of DICE is encouraged to open a group activity to promote communication and friendship among its international members. 
    Groups activity gives 1 activity point.

PPM - program participating members.

    Korean undergraduate and graduate students, willing to improve their English skills.

RM - residents meeting.

    Every Sunday at 23:00 all members of DICE are required to participate in a weekly information meeting.
    Unexcused absence leads to receiving 3 penalty points.

Any suggestions ?

    Any suggestions are always welcomed ! 
    Please send your brilliant ideas (complains as well) to 'excuse.dice@gmail.com'.