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[Sports Day] April 3rd - 2011 Spring

posted Mar 28, 2011, 9:22 AM by Changkyu Song   [ updated Mar 28, 2011, 9:23 AM ]

April 3rd!
Basketball court!
Contact : Sun Kwang Kim(010-5157-2435)

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!SPORTS DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

April 3rd! Sunday! Gym! Basketball court! 1:30pm~5:30pm!

Our first month for this semester is already over!
I know you are getting tired from study!
You need to be healthy!
You need to exercise!
Join the SPORTS DAY!

We prepared interesting games and Prize!!
Games are not difficult! not dangerous! not dirty!
Join the SPORTS DAY!

Please resister through survey on
(This survey is not made yet, but will be made soon.)

Diceians :
 PPM   : Free  (included in dorm fee)
 Non PPM  : 3000 won (partially included in dorm fee)
Non Diceians :
   : 5000 won
Followings are the informations about the 'day'. Please read it.

Managers : Sun Kwang Kim, Byong young Lee, Ki Bum Kang

1. Make teams and choose a team leader.
 We will use the team which we already have. But, this 'day' is open to every students in Postech. So, we may need to make a new team based on original one. Just in case, Ki Bum will make a team.
 And if each team leaders participate the 'day' then we don't need to choose a team leader. But if not, someone must do it..

2. How to manage?
 We prepared 9 games. And each managers will be a referee or the 'game manager'.
 For each games, the 'game manager' will call some numbers.
 Each team leaders and their team mates have to choose people to fill the number.
They will be the players for the game or get some special job for the game.
Then, managers will announce the game and talk about how to play and the rules of the game.

+For some games, there will be advantages for the girls.
+Leaders have to choose fresh players for each games. Indeed, if certain person played too much and the managers noticed it, there will be some penalty points.

Goal of this day is getting points.
Some prizes will be given!

Rules about point
They will get some points depend on number of teams.

If there were 3 teams.
For each games,
1st position : get 3 points
2nd position : get 2 points
3th position : get 1 point