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RM on 6/5

posted Jun 8, 2011, 7:31 AM by seungjun lee


DICE Freedorm AP


Recruiting AP

-MOW managers

Hyojung 25AP

Hee-eun, Hyoungjun 20AP



Changkyu 20AP

20AP- Yeongjin, Changkyu, Yejin

19AP- Hyosun

15AP- Sangmin

14AP- Jeahoon

11AP- Eun-ah, Chan-oh, Jongkuk

9AP- Hyungjun, Hyejin

7AP- Jiwoo

6AP- Hee-eun, Hyunjun

5AP- Woojoo, Seungjun, Hyeonki

4AP- Chungmin

3AP- Siwoo

2AP- Donghee, Bumchang, Kibum

1AP- Jongchan, Jaehwan, Taekoo

-Information desk

9AP: Chan-oh

5AP: Jongkuk, Hwiwon, Jaehwan

4AP: Hee-eun, Hyejin

3AP: Jaehoon, Heejin, Jiwoo

2AP: Chungmin, Hyeonki, Seungjun, Jisung, Sunny


-Poster: Hyunjun 6AP


-DID: Siwwo 6AP




Complete all missions!

Sandip, Ham, Lisa, Leo, Yeongjin

Find their manito correctly!

Hyungjun, Georgin, Hoon, Yeongjin, Heejin, Eun-ah, Ham, Wooseon




1:00~6:00pm  + free dinner + 7:00~10:00pm on June 6th(Mon)


Dorm Inspection


Over 70 penalty points(pp), you should go out


on June 8th (Wed)

-Bringing in flammable materials or causing a fire by accident (60 pp)

-Leaving laundry or personal belongings in the hallway(25 pp)


Regular program/GA Feedback

Dean/Vice dean will collect the feedback paper in next week.

This week is the last week for regular programs/GA.


Best manager / leader

Please attach the stickers on board.   (Thank you for Hyunjun’s help! (6AP))



Farewell party

When?   Where?

June 10th (Fri) at 3rd floor lounge


-Taekoo, Eunsuk, Byeongyoung, Jaewoo, Hyojung, Jooyoung, Hyejin

+ many international students.


Next manager

Write down your preference on paper!

Every DICEian except new comer will be a manager or leader.