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RM 6.12

posted Jun 12, 2011, 11:59 PM by 김선광

Next manager

Every DICEian except new comer will be a manager or leader.


DICE Homepage : You can write down in Korean!

Best Manager / Leader

IT manager –hangKyu Song

FNP manager –oungJin Hong

Basic Korean –wangHoon Song

Tell me about –unJi Kim

Best PPM

Duty = 112AP

ChanOh Park - 242AP

Hee-eun Im - 179AP

AP counting

AP will be counted until this Sat.

Duty on this week (12th~18th) is 4AP.

One week break (19th~25th)

Summer Vacation

RM: Once every two weeks by JooWon

Duty: 1AP/week

Stay or Not survey

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