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RM 5.15

posted May 18, 2011, 5:03 AM by 김선광


Manager- Hoon 25AP


-24AP: Chan-oh

-18AP: Hee-jin, Woo-sun

-16AP: Eun-ah

-14AP: Joo-won, Chung-min, Tae-koo

-10AP: So-hyeong, Jiwoo, Woo-joo, Hyeon-ki, Young-jin, Georgin, Eunji, Ye-jin

-8AP: Kibum, Dong-hee, Chang-kyu, Hyun-jun, Sang-min

-6AP: Hwi-won

-4AP: Jae-hwan, Si-woo, Hyun-bin

-2AP: Jae-hoon, hee-eun

Manito –6th Mission

Give her/him 3 hints who you are♡


If you get the hints from your manito, register it on DICE homepage.


Please check you MAIL BOX!!

New Dean Recommendation

Survey in the DICE homepage~!

Dorm Fee

Check on the FTP

G.A. Friday Night Movie

20th May

Meeting time is not fixed yet

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FNP 5.27

Need assistants