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RM 3/27

posted Mar 28, 2011, 6:29 AM by 김선광
What happened in last week?


Reza’s Birthday Party

HeeJin’s Birthday Party

Friday Night Party

AP system

15AP : YoungJin, ChangKyu, YeJin

11AP : TaeKoo

10AP : JiWoo

9AP : JinHyung

8AP : ChungMin

7AP : JongKuk, KiBum, HyunJun, ChanOh

6AP : HeeEun, EunAh, HyunKi, WooJoo

3AP : JongChan

2AP : JaeHwan

Attaching FNP poster & Meeting - 2AP

ChangKyu, YeJin, JongKuk, WooJoo, JongChan, ChanOh, JaeHwan, SeungJun, YoungJin

All participants : 3AP


Total Cost: 835,620 won

Total Income: 879,850 won

Profit: 44,230 won

Pay ticket promotion money~!!


Disccusion about the Kitchen

When? March, 31st (Thu)

Where? 3rd floor lounge

Topic? Making more sink and hot plate

Who? Eunsuk (Kitchen manager)

+ 4 kitchen leaders

Sports Day

When? April, 3rd (Sun) 1:30 pm

Where? Gym, Basketball court

Competition with each team!!!

Various Events!!!

Plenty of prizes!!!