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RM 2/27

posted Mar 3, 2011, 7:54 AM by 김선광

Vice Dean

Meeting a chief of dorm union

1. Broken Stuffs ( Fridge, Purifier, Washing machine, Vacuum cleaner … )

→ Housing office will buy new one and pay back A/S fee

2. Dorm supporting fund

→ Participating next meeting and persuade them

Arranging rooms to all new residents

Paying back of refrigerator A/S fee

Reporting broken chair&table in kitchen, washing machine in 4th floor

Preparing Orientation

Making supporting materials to get supporting fund

Board Manager

Making an announce for first-aid kit

Making OT announce

Board recategorization

1st floor board cleaning & design

Making MT, ice-breaking dinner announce

IT Manager

Scanning DICE history

Intergrating “” into “” (Byungyoung)

Uploading all manager info, program info.

Uploading descriptions of DICE activities

Member of the week

Han Park(Life Science)

New AP system

Regular activity (participate/prepare/manager)

Kitchen leader meeting (5AP)

Party in the kitchen (3AP/3AP/10AP)

Friday Night Party (3AP/6AP/15AP)

Sports Day (3AP/3AP/15AP)

I-Pub (3AP/10AP/20AP)

There will be...?


When? March, 2nd (Wed), 10:00pm

Where? 2nd floor community hall

Who? All DICEians