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posted Nov 30, 2011, 12:48 AM by 김선광


Check your mail box & room door frequently!!!

Don’t make your manito be depressed!

Let’s enjoy it!!

Please say thank you to your manitee through facebook or board!

Give three hints to your manito!

Write down your name on DICE homepage! If you get it!

DICE mini-concert

Date 12/3(Sat) 9:00pm

at Atlas Hall

Watching Performances



Fusion-Korean traditional Music

String Quartet

A capella


Singing with a Classic guitar

Piano & Violin

Band performance

Every participate gets one sticker each, and vote for the best team.

Three teams which get the most stickers will get the prize!!

The prize will be announced on the day.


Next Dean Election

Dean: Chanoh Park

Vice Dean: Jisung Wang

Recruiting Schedule

Application: 28th, Nov ~ 4th, Dec

Information Desk


Date: 30th, Nov(Wed) ~ 1st, Dec(Thu)


-11am~1pm: Student Union Bldg.

-5:30pm~7pm: Student Cafeteria

AP: 1AP/30min


Date: 6th~7th , Dec (Tue, Wed)

Time: 7pm~12am

Anyone can join interview and ask questions.

But, only evaluators can score.