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RM 111003

posted Oct 5, 2011, 11:18 PM by 김선광

RM 111003


APIt will be announced on next week!


Check your mail box & room door frequently!!!

Don’t make your manito be depressed!

8 manitee completed the 2nd mission! Please register it on Homepage!!!

The 3rd Mission

Draw your manito’s face and give it to your manito with sweet message!

Write down your name on DICE homepage! If you get the drawing!

Let’s Be on Arirang TV!

Title: Hand in Hand Campus

Contents: Introducing campus life and land-mark of POSTECH.

Character: 4 Foreign students + 4 Korean students

Shooting date: 18th, Oct (Tue)

Broadcasting date: 14th-15th, Nov (Total 1hour)


To Foreign students!

It will broadcast to 180 countries! Your family can meet you though TV!!


To Korean students!

It will be a good chance to advertise POSTECH all over the world!!


You should announce GA at least 24hours before!!!!!

Don’t accept excuses if the GA is not registered 24hours before!

Also, please check the announce frequently.

Send E-mail

1. Name

2. Status (Graduate/Exchange)

3. Department name (Full name)

4. Email Address


First come first served basis~!!

Limit of people: 70

1st Due: Tomorrow 5pm Tue.