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Residents Meeting Record (October 18)

posted Oct 25, 2009, 11:27 AM by Igor Dzhebyan   [ updated Oct 25, 2009, 1:16 PM by Changkyu Song ]
  1. Study week
    - Oct 12 ~ Oct 24; 5 AP for 2 weeks :)
    - This is for your exam. So.. good luck with your exam!

  2. DICE official homepage
    - Finally we have the url '' 
    - Please participate in the
     survey right here, in order to enhance our lovely homepage 
    - Also, please provide a bit of your personal information (Birthday, room #)
    - This website is
     NOT updated in a real-time manner; so be sure to post your GA as soon as possible!
    - What happens to the googlegroup? - it will be maintained as a tool of communication. 

  3. White Board
    A big (1.6m x 1.0m) white board is installed at the front entrance - feel free to decorate, make an announcement, celebrate someone's birthday, ...

  4. Science War T-shirt
    - Those were supposed to be given to Science War supporters, but recently the preparation committee has started distributing them to all students.
    - Dean asked the committee to give some for all Dicians, but we might not get sufficient # of T-shirts as most of them were already distributed. 
    - So the priority is given for int'l students; 
    please specify your gender and size in the survey if you're intersted.

  5. Announcement & Suggestion
    * Mix
    Another DICE dinner on next sunday - see you at 17:30 in front of the DICE kitchen! 
     Emergency Protocol: Any volunteer to type the book describing various emergency situations so that other int'l students can translate it in their own languages?  → Jooyoung. 

    * Jane: LIT @ Wed 11 PM 

    * Igor: UoA @ Wed 24:00, EwF @ Thu 24:00

    * Albert: Computer forum this week, but not next week.

    * Kitchen managers: Kitchen user's meeting @ Sun 9 PM (Oct 25)

    * Delphine
      - Let's relate the knitting GA proposed last week to the save-the-children activity.
      - The kit costs 12,000 won - anyone interested?