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Residents' Meeting on 4/10

posted Apr 11, 2011, 9:33 AM by seungjun lee

     What happened last week?

Hoon’s Birthday Party

Cherry Blossom Picnic

Making kimbab (2AP) & picnic (1AP)

       3AP: SunKwang, BumChang, SiWoo, JongChan, ChanOh, EunSuk

      2AP: JaeHoon, KwangHoon


Manito : Mission 3

Send three text messages to your manito!! To make him/her happy.

If you get the message from your manito, register it on DICE homepage with your satisfaction level.

Please check your mail box.


Name tag contest


Let’s make a name tag of your room to show who live in the room!

Due: April 17th

Making nametag together! There’s prize for the best nametag!


DICE T-shirt Design Contest

Simple drawing with pens on paper

After you design DICE T-shirt,

Give it to SiWoo(room# 210)

Prize: Free one more new T-shirt + Free one more old T-shirt


[GA] Temple Stay

When? April 16th(Sat) – 17th(Sun)

è at 2pm on Saturday in DICE 1st floor.


Temple Stay: 50,000won (Cash only)

Transportation: 10,000won

If you want to join, reply on Google Groups!

What we’ll do?

- Cham Sun (Meditation), tea time, Gong Yang(meal)



       Birthday party is supposed to be held once a week, that is on Friday.

       New camcorder is needed to record all the DICE activities such as MOW, FNP, etc.