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Residents Meeting - Oct 31st

posted Oct 31, 2010, 7:50 AM by seungjun lee   [ updated Oct 31, 2010, 8:05 AM by Changkyu Song ]
1. Halloween party was done on Oct. 29th (Fri)
    5APs Kwang Hoon
    3APs Hyung Jun, Mix, Jiwon, Jong Chan
2. GA announcement
    Gayakeum(가야금), one of the famous korean traditional instruments, will be introduced by Young Jin Hong.
    He will also show the performance, which will be wonderful.
    The time is not fixed, but he is supposed to open on Sunday's night before RM, about 9 PM.
3. Leader's announcement
    Mix and Jane's program as usual
    This semester is last semester to Mix, Jane, and Chan, so there's good chance for us to be a leader in DICE.
    Jong Chan : No programs due to business trip
4. Dorm fee 
    Still, we are collecting dorm fee from international students with a help of floor managers.
5. New team leaders
    Team 1 : Jiwon Oh
    Team 2 : Joowon Kang
    Team 4 : Hyemi Kim
    Team 5 : Wooseon Hwang
6. Managers' announcement
    AP managers : all excuses were done.
    Accountants : educating new accountants
    IT manager : wireless internet connector, 
                         Do not change the connection.