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Residents Meeting - Oct 10th

posted Oct 10, 2010, 7:30 AM by seungjun lee   [ updated Oct 10, 2010, 7:57 AM by Changkyu Song ]
1. Dice T-shirts
    PPM: Free
    International student : 7000won
2. Dorm fee
    PPM : 50,000won
    International student : 10,000won
3. Adv 
    Mix will go to Pusan to look around the exhibition for tea & alcohols on this
    If someone plans to go to Pusan, please contact him. You can ride his car.
    If someones are interested in this exhibition, please contat him.
    He will be back on Sunday's evening from Pusan, so if someone is back on Sunday from Pusan to Pohang, you can contact him.
4. Program   
    Mix : Reading (10 pm, Mon), Listening(11pm, Mon)
            Survibal Korean (10 pm, Tue)
    Jihun : BBC (10 pm, Wed)
    German Lecture : 8 pm, Monday
5. Gyungjoo Walking Competetion
    Oct. 23th(Sat)-24th(Sun)
    66km, 30km
6. Exam Week
    8 AP during 11th(Mon)~24th(Sun)
    Don't miss the RM on Oct. 17th.
7. RM-for Korea PPM
    Each of managers said what he/she did last week briefly.
    Suggestions - Share DICE photos on Facebook by uploading them.
                       please use the 3rd lounge clean