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Residents Meeting - Nov. 29

posted Nov 29, 2009, 8:06 PM by Hoon Young Suh   [ updated Dec 2, 2009, 10:44 PM by Changkyu Song ]

1. Birthday
Birthday manager placed the rolling paper on the white board and after coating, papers were given to..
-Ryan: Nov. 14
-Heejin: Nov. 17
-Hoonyoung: Nov. 23
-Yonghwi: Nov. 23

2. DICE T-shirt
We recieved each of our T-shirts after the Residents Meeting.

3. DICE Recruitment Team
* Advertisements:
On-line(POSB), Off-line(Big posters, 78 stairs Advertisement)
* Current Status:
Up to now, there are 25 applicants or more.
We will collect the application form until the due date(Dec. 1).
* Interview processing:
The date & way will be decided on next team meeting.
We need more people to do the  interview!
Please try to come to te team meeting. There will be an announcement by the recruitment manager in the google group about the meeting date and place.

4. Next Dean Candidate
Anyone who wants to lead the DICE in next semester, submit your application form by Thr.
Joing the survey on our homepage to recommand someone for the next dean.
Maybe in the next Residents Meeting, there will be an election.

5. DICE saving campaign
* Female student union is doing survey about making 2nd female dorm to 2nd DICE.
It will be finished until Nov. 30 and they will send it to the housing office.
* DICE report is not delievered to the President yet.
Mix will meet the president instead of dean on next Tue.

6. Advertisements & Announcements
* Mix: Korean on Mon. 10:00 pm, My-so-called-life on Mon. 11:00 pm
For DICE dinner, we will have fermented beans(청국장, chungguk-jang) on Sun. 5:30 pm
Making Kimchi GA on Dec. 12
* Jane: Power of Art on Wed. 10:00 pm, Lost in Translation on Wed. 11:00 pm
* Igor: Ukraine on Air on Wed. 12:00 am, English with Fun on Thr. 12:00 am
* Chan: TEPS vocabulary, grammar on Sun. 7:00 pm, TEPS reading on Sun. 8:00 pm
* Regina: Opening German GA for beginners on Tue or Thr. Updates on the google group.
* Katharina: Dancing GA on Thr 8:00-9:45 pm, music room in the Student Union Building. Need Korean men.
* Japil: Need 1 Active Point Manager(APM) for next semester.
* Seungjun: Yoga GA in the yoga academy(hyoja market) starts from 7:00 am. (There are classes at night also) Lecture is in Korean. First time is for free. Send him an e-mail if you are interested in.

7. Member of the Week
Hyojung(kate) Shin :)