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Residents' Meeting - Mar.14

posted Mar 14, 2010, 11:20 PM by Hoon Young Suh   [ updated Mar 17, 2010, 8:09 PM by Changkyu Song ]

1. Door Tag Contest
- Decorate the door tag using your creativity.
Each floor manager will take pictures of your door tag on Mar.26!
Prize 10,000 won for 2 rooms from male, 1 room from female.

2. Friday Night Party
- Friday Night Party will be on Mar.26.
Jackie will be the manager and recruit a team for the party.
If you are interested in, feel free to join!

3. Dorm Fee
- For Korean Program Particitating Members: 50,000 won
  and for foreign residents: 10,000 won
Pay the fee directly to the Sesame(Account Number:010-8519-2678) or to your team leader.

4. Kitchen Announcement
- Do not use kitchen after the midnight.
- Close the door while you are cooking.
Residents living near the kitchen complained about the noise and the smell.
Please respect your neighbors.

5. Announcements & Advertisements
* Mix:
- Survival Korean: People who want to learn reading Korean & Korean assistances are welcome.
- Scientific Postechian: Real presentation starts from this week.
- Somewhat Classical Music: Mix will upload the music files on the website. You can prepare before coming.
- Mix is considering about making Kimchi Group Activity.
- Phone calls in Korean are not allowed in the hallways(also for the visitors).
- Anyone who is willing to go to the traditional Korean market in E-dong on this Friday, contact Mix. 

- As a 3rd floor manager, he organized the cleaning 3rd floor lounge after the Residents' Meeting.
Putting private belongings in the hallway is illegal. Please try not to put your things outside of your room.

- Albert will open a Group Activity having tea & fruit on Thursday or Friday.

- People who haven't paid the MT fee yet, please pay to the Sesame.

- Current Affairs2: Bring home assignment to the program.
- Design1/2: If it is possible, it will be great to bring your labtop.

- Vocabulary: Learning words that are used in the hospitals.
- Reading Comprehension: Article is about misbehavior of celebrities.

- BBC listening: listening files are uploaded on the website.

*JinSeop brought CHOCOPIE as a present for all participants because yesterday was PI DAY(3.14)!

6. Member of the Week
Kyueun Lee :)