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Residents Meeting - Mar. 1

posted Mar 2, 2010, 3:34 AM by Hoon Young Suh   [ updated Mar 2, 2010, 3:45 AM by Changkyu Song ]

1. Welcoming Announcement
Welcome all to the Dormitory of Ineternational Cultural Exchange!

2. Program Introduction
* Chan:
Vocabulary-Solve problems and puzzles(Tue,21:00)
Reading Comprehension-Prepare for the test(TOEFL, etc.) and talk about novels(Tue,22:00)
No programs will be held in this week.
* Igor:
Design1, 2- Learn everything about design and practice(Mon,21:00,22:00)
Current Affairs- Discuss about current topics(Mon,23:00)
* Mix:
Survival Korean-Learn Korean,Koreans are also welcome(Wed,23:00)
Scientific Postechians-Introduce your own scientific field(Tue,23:00)
Somewhat Classical Music-Introduce 20th Centry Classical Music(Thr,23:00,3rd Floor Lounge)
* Jane:
BBC Listening-Listening education with BBC news(Wed,21:00)
Lost In Translation:Lovers in Paris-Translate Korean drama script into English(Wed,22:00)

3. DICE Rules
1) Use English only
2) Be responsible
3) Be open-minded
4) Join DICE activities
5) Say hello to others

4. Activity Points System
- Activity Points(AP) are counted by Activity Points Manager, Byungyoung Lee.
- Korean Program Participating Members should get 5 AP/week.
* How to get Activity Points:
1) Joining the regular Programs organized by leaders: 2 AP
2) Making Group activities: 2 AP
3) Participating Group activities: 1 AP
4) Organizing teams for big events(Friday Night Party, iPub, etc.): get as much as you work
5) Working as a manager: 1 AP

- If you get less than 5 AP/week, Penalty Points will be given.
- Person above 25 accumulated Penalty Points will be excluded from DICE.
* Assignment of Penalty Points:
1) Breaking DICE Rules: 2~3 AP
2) Unexcused absence on the Residents Meeting: 3 AP
* How to reduce Penalty Points:
Gaining double amount of Activity Points

5. Dorm Fee
Korean Program Participating Members: 50,000 won
Foreign Residents: 10,000 won

6. Kitchen Rules
No cooking after 24:00, and keep it clean.

7. Announcements & Advertisements
* Regina:
Learning German Group activity
* Mix:
MT to Wolpo Beach on 3/6(Sat) 13:00 - 3/7(Sun)
Join the survey on our homepage for registration.
Participation fee will be announced soon.
* NHK filming on 3/2(Tue) 22:00
There will be Igors' Program, Ukraine On Air at 21:30
and Jane's Program, Lost In Translation at 22:30

8. Teams Introduction
DICE members are separated into 10 teams.
In the team games, team 7 & 9 shared the first & second prize, and team 3 got the third prize.
Each team leader should check all the team members are adjusting well in DICE.
Every team members should know each other well through icebreaking dinner, etc.

Again, welcome to DICE !