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Residents meeting - Feb. 20th

posted Feb 23, 2011, 7:32 AM by seungjun lee
1. What happened last week?
    1.1 Bowling & movie GA
    1.2 Kibum's birthday
    1.3 Clearing snow GA
    1.4 Seung Jun's birthday
2. New managers introduction
    2.1 Property manager : Jun
        will manage first-aid kit & kitchen ware
    2.2 New iPub manager : Hoon
        will recruit for more iPub manager
3. What did and will managers do?
    3.1 Board manager 
        posted bowling and movie GA
        removed old announcement
    (plan) Redecoration of notive board
    3.2 IT manager
        renewed homepage
        integrated google groups & AP system to homepage
    (plan) Scanning DICE history files
             Adding kitchenware list
    3.3 Floor manager
        visited all international students
        don't smoke in dormitory(2nd)
        washing machine A/S, new notice board(4th)
    (plan) Keep each floor clean
    3.4 AP manager
        making excuse standard
        adding period for spring semester
    (plan) Programming for manager AP(Youknow)
             leader meeting(Jooeon)
             Adding new residents(Jongkook)
             OT preparation(??)
    3.5 Kitchen manager
        kitchen leader meeting
        making cabinet nametag
        buying new table covers(removing broken glass), detergent
    (plan) Kitchen property inspection
             Party in the kitchen
    3.6 Property manager
        made a list for borrowing common kitchenware
        cleaned and added drugs in the first aid kit
    (plan) Managing these things
             3rd floor manager
4. Announcement and suggestion
    4.1 Jiwon's birthday
    4.2 OT(Orientation): March 2nd
    4.3 MT : March 5-6th(Sat-Sun)
5. New comer introduction
    JaeHwan Kim
    HwiWon Lee
    SiWoo Jo