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Residents Meeting - Dec. 13

posted Dec 13, 2009, 7:03 AM by Hoon Young Suh   [ updated Dec 13, 2009, 7:07 AM by Changkyu Song ]

1. Final Exam Period
Date: Dec. 15 ~ Dec. 21
Korean PPMs should get 5 APs for 2 weeks by Dec. 20.

2. Winter Vacation
RM will be once per 2 weeks.
For APs, Jaepil will announce on the googlegroups. (Probably 2APs per a week)

3. Announcements & Advertisements
Mix: In Korean program, Mix will play Seo Taiji's song, '난 알아요(I know).' no change in My-so-called-life.
Jane: No programs. Jane wants to open Farewell party on Dec. 16, 11:00 pm on 2nd floor lounge.
Igor: No change in program schedule. Igor suggested to take memorial pictures of everyone with DICE T-shirts on.

"!! Wear DICE T-shirts and Let's Take Pictures in Next RM !!"