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Residents Meeting - April 11th

posted Apr 12, 2010, 8:06 AM by Hoon Young Suh   [ updated Apr 12, 2010, 8:27 AM by Changkyu Song ]
1. Door Tag Contest
Presents were given to winners.
For the male room, Chris got bokbunja(wild berry) alcohol,
for the female room, Wooseon got aroma oil.
2.Team Competition
Team 1 got the first prize, a cake,
Team 2 got the second prize, eggs,
Team 3 got the third prize, birthday hats.
Thanks to all of you who prepared and participated!
3. Exam Week
Date: April 12th ~ 25th
Korean Program Participating Members should get 5 APs / 2 weeks
There will be no Residents Meeting on April 18th.
4. Advertisements & Announcements
Jane: BBC listening, Lost In Translation on 14th. Not sure for the next week.
Chan: Vocabulary, R & D not on this week, but on next week.
Soomin: It's my turn to listen on Wed, 24:00, Visionaries From Scratch on Thr, 20:30.
5. Member of the Week
Soomin Jo