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Residents Meeting (October 25th)

posted Oct 27, 2009, 10:00 PM by Seung-Yeon Yoo   [ updated Oct 28, 2009, 1:02 AM by Changkyu Song ]
1. DICE white board

White board which is placed on the main enterance will be organized into 4 categories:
-Photo: Send any photos related to DICE to Dean<> until Tue
-Birthday: Monthly changed, rolling papers & various color pens will be placed, say Happy Birthday 
-Member of the Week: MoW will be posted with papers, add any comments, impressions, etc.
-Voice in DICE: Write anything that you want to say about DICE
Please be eager to participate in DICE activities

2. Science War T-shirt

Survey participants could get the T-shirt after the last RM.
Hope everyone got one.
3. DICE T-Shirt

Igor made the design: front with 'hello' in their own language, back with DICE logo.
- Price: 7000 KRW
  (Korean PPM who paid 50000 KRW is free)
Join the survey on website if you want to get one~

4. Halloween Party!

- Date: Oct 31st(Sat), 9:00 pm
- Place: Atlas Hall @ 1st floor of Student Union Building
- Dress code: choose the theme 
              Ex)military, school look, thief, beggar, you tube, calender, and whatever you want 
- Participation fee: 5000 KRW
  (Free for people following the dress code)
5. Homepage report

* Geography
- statistics of visitors, browsers, operating system were briefly annouced
- feedback about DICE:
  19 people participated, most of them satisfied with the calendar on our website.
  Montly organized calendar is preferred.
  Many people agreed making a Photography.

* Census 2009
- 23 people participated, most of them are from Korea and France.
  administration of dormitory, good.
  facilities available, great.
  organization of events, satisfied very much.
  cleanness of hallways and rooms, soso & okay, good but need improvements
  social atmosphere, good. :D

6. Advertisements & Suggestions

* Dean
- Halloween Party Organization Meeting:
  Mon. 11:10 pm, 3rd floor lounge
* Newcomer 
- Mitin from India
  Say hello to a new friend when you see him :)
* Mix
- DICE dinner:
  Last dinner was successful. Next dinner will be "Samgyea-tang"(Chicken soup) in "Suengli-dakgol(승리닭골)"
  If the restaurant is closed on Sun, Mix will find another place.
  Please tell the organizer that you are coming!
- Korean: Mon. 10:00 pm, My-so-called-life: Mon. 11:00 pm
* Jane
- Power of Art (Picasso 2nd part): Wed. 10:00 pm, Lost in Translation: Wed. 11:00 pm
* Igor
- Ukraine on Air: Wed. 12:00 am, English with Fun: Thr. 12:00 am
* Delphine
- 2 kits of "save-the-children" is left. If there are more people who want to buy the kit, Mix can order more.
  Knitting GA: Fri. 11:00 pm, 2nd floor lounge
* Jonathan
- Boardgame GA: Thr. 8:00 pm, 1st floor lounge
* Jooyoung
- Making new GA
  Watching Gossip girl(from season 3, episode 2) GA: Thr. 10:00 pm, 3rd floor lounge
7. Member of the Week

Who is your best friend in DICE?

*** Have a wonderful week and see you at the Halloween Party ***