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Resident Meeting - Nov 22

posted Nov 22, 2009, 6:16 PM by Seung-Yeon Yoo   [ updated Nov 22, 2009, 6:39 PM by Changkyu Song ]
1. The order for DICE T-shirts is placed
  * When can we get 'em?: This Thursday
  * How much does it cost per each?: 6,700 KRW

2. Recruitment
  * Members of the recruitment team: Jooyoung, Aleks, Ronny
     + More members added: Heejin, Byungyoung, Leo, Jihun

  * Schedule: 11/24~ 11/30 (Collecting application) → 12/1~3 (Interview)

3. Save DICE project
  * It was successful! - Girls will not go anywhere :)
  * To further convince the president that DICE is an invaluable asset to Postech, we need to submit a report to him: Sesame, Ryan, Jane, Jaepil, Niki, Miriam and Igor are working on it !
    - History: Sesame
    - Current status (Demographic aspects): Statistics of the DICE homepage
    - Activity: Jane
    - Self-evaluation - of former Int'l students: Igor
                             of former Korean students: Ryan
    --------- Deadline: Monday Midnight -------------
    - Collection & Organization:  Niki
    - English Proofreading: Miriam
    - Powerpoint: Igor
    - Upload @ googledocs so that all the residents can check it
    ------------ Submission: Wednesday -------------

4. Announcement
  * Sesame: There are still some Korean PPMs who did not pay dorm fee yet -_-

  * Kate & Aleks: Dancing GA
    - The GA was fantastic, so they want to make it regular
    - Time: Thursday 8-10, Place: Music hall or somewhere else at the student union building (TBA)

  * Mix is not here, but all of his programs will be operated as usual thanks to....
    - Korean: Jooyoung
    - MSCL: Jongchan

  * Chan is having two programs on Saturday from 7 PM to 9 PM, consecutively.
     As announced previously, those are about standardized English tests such as TEPS or TOEIC.

5. Member of the Week: Leo!!!!