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posted Mar 7, 2011, 5:44 AM by 김선광


What did we do?

3/5~3/6 MT (KyungJu)

5AP for Team Leaders

3AP for All Participants

If you uploaded the photo related with MT, will get 2AP


Google Groups : Have to join!

Dice in Facebook : You can find 'Postech Dice'

Dorm Fee

PPM(Program participating members(all Koreans included, also Internationals can join)

50,000won(To account or team leaders)


20,000won(To floor managers)

1002-842-777041 Woori Bank, Kim HeeJin

Ice-breaking Dinner

5,000won will be supported for each person.

Program will be start


If you still had not manito, Please contact to dean.

Mission will be given every two weeks.

You should hide yourself to your manito.

Fist mission : Find and prepair manitio's birthday.

Send to Dean a text message about the birthday without your phone number

Party in the Kitchen : Sunday 6pm


There will be

Prize for the best program!?!!

Prize for the best PPM!?!!

Prize for the best manager!?!!