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Discussion Meeting - Oct 25

posted Oct 27, 2009, 3:10 AM by Seung-Yeon Yoo   [ updated Oct 27, 2009, 3:13 AM by Changkyu Song ]
1. White Board at the front entrance
  * Map: put it on the board or not? - better not (Map will be quite huge comparing to the size of the board)

  * Section
    - Photo: Managed by Dean (Collect pics from residents → ask for developing)
    - Schedule (Monthly calender): Managed by ?
    - Birtyday: Managed by the birthday manager (SARS) - list of names having birthday on the month + space for celebrating them
    - Member of the Week: Managed by the MoW Managers - snapshot of this week's MoW + space for leaving message for him/her
    - Voice in DICE: Scratchpad + suggestion + ..

  * Keep maintaining board markers: by Aleks, the beautification manager (Markers from his laboratory?!?!)

  * Making sections (Better not do it with markers 'cause it might be erased)
     - Title banner: Make with paper → Get 'em coated with vinyl cover ("코팅" in Korean) → Attach with magnets
     - Border line: Coil the both end of string around magnet → Attach
     - Workers: Delphine (Shopping, making title banner & border lines) // Niki (Coating)

2. More White Boards
  Dean got three from the housing office, including the one mentioned previously  → the other two will be set up at the 2nd & 3rd floor (next to the lounge)

  - @ 2nd floor: For residents living on 1st & 2nd floor
  - @ 3rd floor: For residents on 3rd & 4th floor
    → Contact information of floor managers + space for leaving complaint, suggestion, ..

  - Need a special instrument (Like soap dispenser) for leaving markers next to the boards: Joo-young will buy & install 'em!

3. FNP
  * Halloween, which is Igor's birthday, is on Oct 31 (Sat) - so we're gonna have SNP, not FNP :)

  * Place: Music Hall (음악감상실) at the 3rd floor of the Student Union Building
     → Just in case we're not gonna make it there, our mysterious speaker at the 2nd floor community hall works well..
  * As we did last month, shopping will be done three hours before the party

  * Dress Code: "Anything that's not your daily one"