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2013/10/13 7th RM

posted Oct 13, 2013, 9:36 PM by eee ff

2013/10/13 7th RM

Written & Edited by Jiwoo Kang


1.    MOW: Wonseok Oh à You can see on the DICE ftp!
( , ID: dice, PW: diceian)

2.    Oktoberfest Successfully finished!

A.    Thank you all!

3.    DICE hoody! (Uniform)

A.    Zip-up: design, size and color deciding

4.    Please pay dorm fee now, if you didn’t yet!

A.    PPMs: KRW 50,000 / Non-PPMs: KRW 10,000

B.     Account transfer to 1002-638-943816 Wooribank, Jooeon Oh(오주언)

C.     Or by cash to floor manager.

5.    Announcement for regular program

A.    Chan’s program: Program at Tuesday dinner,
menu recommendation is welcome! 
Get 5,000\ support from Chan

B.     Jongchan’s program started(Mon)

C.     Hyunbin’s new program: Sunday 9~11pm, about math & science

* Information about programs, managers, activities, etc. are on

* Next RM will be on Oct. 20th, 11:00 pm.