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2013/06/09 15th RM

posted Jun 9, 2013, 9:14 PM by eee ff

2013/06/09 15th RM

Written & Edited by Jiwoo Kang


1.   Dorm inspection results are canceled!

A.    Due to mistake of housing office.. sorry for the inconvenience

2.   Recruiting, interview!

A.    10~12 pm, Mon~Tue, at the third floor lounge

B.    Any one is welcome!

3.   Exam period: 4 APs/week for this and next week

A.    Regular programs:

                        i.         JC’s: This week’s will be the last one

                      ii.         Hoon’s: Basic Korean might be continued during vacation. If someone is willing to attend TED, contact Hoon.

4.   Farewell party! Friday 10pm @ log cabin

5.   2nd floor residents: If you haven’t got your DICE T-shirts, get from Chan-oh (Room #214)


* Information about programs, managers, activities, etc. are on

* Next RM will be on June 16th, 11:00 pm.