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2013/04/21 8th RM

posted Apr 23, 2013, 1:35 AM by eee ff

2013/04/21 8th RM

Written & Edited by Terry

1.     AP Policy during Mid-Term Exam Period

A.     4/14-4/27 (2 weeks)

B.      You need to get only 8 Aps for this period

C.      Good luck with your exam!

2.     Negotiation with Housing Office

A.     We protected the 4th floor this semester!

B.      The new negotiation will be started next year.

3.     i-Pub

A.     i-Pub is a meal booth operated by DICE during the univ. festival in May.

B.      We’re finding COOKERS who will introduce the food of your country.

C.      You will be financially supported if you participate in this event.

D.     Please contact Hoon (Room 319)


* Information about programs, managers, activities, etc. are on

* Next RM will be on April 28th, 11:00 pm.