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2013/03/10 2nd RM

posted Mar 13, 2013, 5:57 AM by eee ff

2013/03/10 2nd RM

Written & Edited by. Taekyung Lee

1.    New Regular Programs / Group Activities

A.     Handcraft - Knitting and Crochet (by Usha) : Tuesday 8 pm, 3rd floor lounge

B.     Friday DVD Night (by Terry) : Friday 9 pm, 3rd floor lounge

C.     Justice (by Jong Chan) : Sunday 9 pm, 2nd floor lounge

D.    AV (by Jong Chan) : Sunday 10 pm, 2nd floor lounge

2.    Registration of Major Regular Programs

A.     Korean residents should choose their own ‘major’ regular program this week

B.     Please report it to the leader of each program by next RM

3.    Announcement managers and AP managers will get 5 AP thanks to their contribution during the winter vacation period

4.    DICE Membership Training

A.     Location: Yongdong Village (Historic Villages of Korea)

B.     We’ll depart at 1 pm on coming Saturday

C.     Feel free to join!

5.    Please Pay DORM-FEE

A.     50,000 KRW for PPM (including all Koreans)

B.     10,000 KRW for non-PPM

6.    A person who cooks outside the kitchen will be kicked out promptly at all costs. This is the last warning

* Information about programs, managers, activities, etc. are on:

* Next RM will be on March 17th, 11:00 pm.