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2012/09/02 1st RM: Orientation ~ Welcome!

posted Sep 2, 2012, 10:16 PM by eee ff   [ updated Sep 2, 2012, 10:39 PM ]

2012/09/02 1st RM: Orientation ~ Welcome!

Written & Edited by. Jiwoo Kang

1.     What is DICE?

A.     Dormitory for International Cultural Exchange: Full of exciting events!

B.      Contact & get information from homepage( or facebook(Dice postech) or dean(

2.     DICE activities & managers

A.     Administration team: Dean, Vice dean (every Sunday, 11:00pm, RM will be held)

B.      Regular program leaders: program schedule will be announced on the board

       Only for this week, Hoon & Chan’s program time will be changed (Hoon’s: ThuàTue / Chan’s: Tue->Thu)

C.      GA(Group activities): You can make cool activity by yourself, on the homepage!

D.     AP managers, accountant, secretary, floor managers, IT managers, property managers, birthday party managers, announcement managers, photo managers are READY to help you!

E.      Kitchen managers: Rules for kitchen will be announced on the board & kitchen

F.      FNP(Friday night party), DICE mini concert, Field trip, MT(membership training) will be held! 1st field trip to Busan will be announced soon (check FB&board!)

G.     MOW(member of the week): Next turn could be YOU! Don’t be shy J

3.     Let’s pay the dorm fee!

A.     For self-govern, more exciting DICE!

B.      PPM(all Koreans): 50,000 / Non-PPM(only residents): 10,000

C.      Plz pay the dorm fee to the floor managers

or by account transfer, 1002-638-943816, Wooribank, Jooeon Oh(오주언)


* OT presentation file is uploaded at (ID: dice / PW: 0321)

* Information about programs, managers, activities, etc. are on

* Next RM will be on September 9th, 11:00 pm.