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2012/04/29 8th RM

posted Apr 29, 2012, 7:55 AM by eee ff

2012/04/29 8th RM

Written & Edited by. Jiwoo Kang


1.     MOW: Jinuk Lee

A.     You can watch lovely MOW movies on DICE FTP

                           (ID: dice / PW: 0321)

2.     Let’s pay the Dorm-fee! (Due already passed!)

A.     PPM(all Koreans): 50,000 / Non-PPM: 10,000 (Changed!)

B.      Plz pay the dorm fee to the floor managers

or by account transfer, 1002-638-943816, Wooribank, Jooeon Oh(오주언)

3.     Announces

A.     If you have some problem with common properties (Toilet, battery in door lock, etc.)

Plz contact to floor manager!

B.      Let’s participate in regular program! All program will be held as usual from this week.

4.     iPub ~~~~*

A.     Date: 5/17 (fixed!)

B.      Contact to Hoon( for applying the country food (due date: 4/30)

C.      One team for one country


* Information about programs, managers, activities, etc. are on

* Next RM will be on May 6th, 11:00 pm