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2012/03/11 1st RM

posted Mar 11, 2012, 8:45 AM by eee ff   [ updated Mar 11, 2012, 8:46 AM ]

Written & Edited by. Jiwoo Kang


1.     MOW: Kyunghoon Park & Jungeun Kim / Last week Friday night welcoming party

A.     You can watch lovely photos and movies on DICE FTP

                           (ID: dice / PW: 0321)

2.     Let’s pay the Dorm-fee!

A.     Budget list will be soon announced on the board

B.      PPM(all Koreans): 50,000 / Non-PPM: 10,000 (Changed!) / until March 31st

C.      Plz pay the dorm fee to the floor managers

or by account transfer, 1002-638-943816, Wooribank, Jooeon Oh(오주언)

3.     Team system

A.     Every week, exciting team activity will be waiting for you!

B.      Team composition will be announced on the board. PPMs have their own team, and non-PPM can join any team you want.

C.      This week: Ice breaking dinner with teammates. 5,000 KRW supported by dorm-fee.

4.     Announcement from managers

A.     If soap, battery in door-lock / remote controller is running out, ask to floor manager

B.      If there is problem on IT facilities, DON’T TOUCH! and contact IT managers

C.      PPMs, don’t forget to sign on attendance sheet in RM, for APs

D.     This week’s kitchen cleaning successfully done.
Public goods are equipped, but don’t take it to your room.
Too much private stuffs are in the kitchen. Plz do not!

5.     MT (Membership training) is coming!

A.     March 17th ~ 18th, Chung-do (Wine tunnel / Bull fighting / water parsley farm)

B.      Detailed schedule and MT-fee will be soon announced on the board
Gather in front of 78 stairs at 17th Sat. 12:30 pm, pay MT-fee by cash there.

C.      RSVP on homepage(not on Facebook), hurry!


* Information about programs, managers, activities, etc. are on

* Next RM will be on March 18th, 11:00 pm.