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DICE: Base of International Social Networking, Fun and Happiness

posted Mar 4, 2010, 9:40 PM by Igor Dzhebyan   [ updated Mar 4, 2010, 9:46 PM by Changkyu Song ]

Hello! I am Joo Young Lee. It is my honor to meet you all as the dean of DICE.

First of all I welcome you all to the only international community in POSTECH.

DICE (Dormitory for International Cultural Exchange) started in 2008 as an international self-governing dormitory. During the last 2 years we have tried very hard to build its foundation. In the beginning, there were many difficulties due to language barriers and cultural differences. However, we gradually overcame these problems through many discussions and made some distinct progress since then. Now we just started to observe some visible growth. If all DICEian join and collaborate we will become the most successful dormitory in the world!  

Base of international social networking

I cannot emphasize any further how important social networking is. Despite of all the cutting-edge technology and science developed in 21st century, many people still say that human resources are the most valuable asset. DICE is comprised of diverse talented students from all over the world. We can see what other cultures are like and learn how to deal with people who have different backgrounds. Opportunities to get to know each other and share precious memories will be a valuable experience.

Dormitory with a lot of fun & happiness

Basically I think any participations should be done by each residents’ own will. Residents should be encouraged to participate not only because of their needs, but also because it is fun and enjoyable, and they don’t want to miss any single activities of such a joyful community.  Confucius says "   不如       不如   " - Those who have knowledge cannot beat those who like it, and those who like it cannot beat those who enjoy it. We’d like to help all members of DICE to happily develop their own abilities and potentials.

Last of all, I appreciate all DICEian who eagerly participate in our activities and devote themselves to make better environment. Also, I really want to say that I love you so much, DICE!!

Thank you very much!


Joo Young Lee

4th Dean of DICE