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I will make you feel what I have felt in DICE

posted Nov 11, 2012, 7:28 AM by DICE POSTECH   [ updated Nov 11, 2012, 7:43 AM ]

Hello, I am Mincheol Choi, 7th Dean of DICE. Nice to meet you all. 

To begin with, would you listen to my story of DICE?

Me as a member of DICE

     After having one year semester off, I decided to be a member of DICE family. It was not that easy, and I failed at first time. However, I was lucky to get admission at the last moment of the vacation, and became a DICEian.

     At first, it was kind of awkward for me to see DICE activities, making me passive in DICE at first. At that time, to be frank, I wanted to go out of DICE. The first opportunity for me to know the real value of DICE was one Group Activity, where we prepared a barbecue party, and had fun. Everyone was warm-hearted and open-minded. Since then, I participated every big events such as Friday Night Party(FNP), Halloween, Field Trip. The day of last resident meeting is unforgettable for me. I became a real member of DICE family, and I was very happy thanks to DICE. After one year, I became the representative of DICE. 

Why DICE is invaluable to us, DICEians?

     DICE(Dormitory for International Cultural Exchange) is made for International Cultural Exchange. That’s why many international students live here, and we use English. The point I want to tell you is, this is not all. DICE is a very special dormitory in POSTECH, where you know your neighbors, get close with them, and have various activities in the dorm. In lovely environment, we have amazing big events, such as Friday Night Party, Halloween parties, and mini concerts. If you want to use English and make international friends, come to DICE. You should know, however, that English and international friends are just two parts of DICE. 

Warm dormitory life is waiting for you. You can feel what I have felt here! Come and join us!

Mincheol Choi
7th Dean of DICE