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2015 fall semester

posted Sep 9, 2015, 10:52 PM by DICE POSTECH   [ updated Sep 10, 2015, 3:04 AM ]

SeonYoung Jeong     

Hello, DICEians~! I am the new dean of DICE in 2015 fall semester.
First of all, I would like to welcome you all to DICE. :))

As you already know, DICE means Dormitory for International Culture Exchange.
There are about 80 international students who came from all over the world and 40 Korean students in DICE now. DICE is like mini-world in Pohang. Every one of you has own culture of your country, so every one of you can contribute to promote cultural exchange while you interact with your friends and neighbors.

And I will also help you to interchange diverse experiences well by providing several events and programs. All DICEians always welcome to join us! We have many plans to go Membership Training trip and prepare Friday Night Party, Excursion and Birthday parties. Also we provide programs which can give you an opportunity to learn Korean and to get many information about diverse cultures, social issues or science. Don't hesitate~!

Lastly, we (especially international students) may feel uncomfortable about living here. If you have some problems or questions, feel free to contact me.

I hope you all to have great memories in DICE.
Thank you.

Dean of the DICEian, by the DICEian, for the DICEian!

posted Jun 3, 2013, 6:08 AM by DICE POSTECH   [ updated Jun 3, 2013, 6:14 AM ]

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Jungeun Kim
8th Dean of DICE

I will make you feel what I have felt in DICE

posted Nov 11, 2012, 7:28 AM by DICE POSTECH   [ updated Nov 11, 2012, 7:43 AM ]

Hello, I am Mincheol Choi, 7th Dean of DICE. Nice to meet you all. 

To begin with, would you listen to my story of DICE?

Me as a member of DICE

     After having one year semester off, I decided to be a member of DICE family. It was not that easy, and I failed at first time. However, I was lucky to get admission at the last moment of the vacation, and became a DICEian.

     At first, it was kind of awkward for me to see DICE activities, making me passive in DICE at first. At that time, to be frank, I wanted to go out of DICE. The first opportunity for me to know the real value of DICE was one Group Activity, where we prepared a barbecue party, and had fun. Everyone was warm-hearted and open-minded. Since then, I participated every big events such as Friday Night Party(FNP), Halloween, Field Trip. The day of last resident meeting is unforgettable for me. I became a real member of DICE family, and I was very happy thanks to DICE. After one year, I became the representative of DICE. 

Why DICE is invaluable to us, DICEians?

     DICE(Dormitory for International Cultural Exchange) is made for International Cultural Exchange. That’s why many international students live here, and we use English. The point I want to tell you is, this is not all. DICE is a very special dormitory in POSTECH, where you know your neighbors, get close with them, and have various activities in the dorm. In lovely environment, we have amazing big events, such as Friday Night Party, Halloween parties, and mini concerts. If you want to use English and make international friends, come to DICE. You should know, however, that English and international friends are just two parts of DICE. 

Warm dormitory life is waiting for you. You can feel what I have felt here! Come and join us!

Mincheol Choi
7th Dean of DICE

Dean's Welcoming!!

posted Nov 11, 2012, 6:50 AM by DICE POSTECH   [ updated Nov 11, 2012, 7:39 AM ]

Hello, DICEians!! I am the new dean of DICE in 2012 spring semester. I would like to welcome all of you for living in DICE. DICE is the acronym of the Dormitory for International and Culture Exchange. 

As you can guess from the name, DICE pursues the exchange of diverse cultures. There are about 100 foreign students and about 50 Koreans living in DICE. All are pleased to interact with their neighbors and exchange their own culture experiences. We have many parties like Friday Night Party, I-pub, Birthday party, and small drinking parties in the dorm. 

We also provide programs to improve you English skills. Moreover, we have various kinds of field trip & group activities that will help you to get closer to others. So join us! You are always welcome and I guarantee you will have the most enjoyable & memorable dormitory life in POSTECH.

Chan Oh Park
6th Dean of DICE
Chan Oh Park, 6th Dean of DICE

DICE is a great family and a miniature world

posted Feb 20, 2011, 5:54 AM by Changkyu Song   [ updated Nov 11, 2012, 6:54 AM by DICE POSTECH ]

    Hello~ DICEians~!! I’m HyeMi Kim. It gives me great pleasure to introduce myself as the dean of DICE. Above all, I welcome you to DICE, the most exciting and the only international dormitory in POSTECH. DICE is an abbreviation for ‘Dormitory for International Cultural Exchange’. Students from countries all over the world live in DICE along with Korean students. I have a dream that DICE will be- come a miniature world, where we can share the cultures of many countries, such as food, music and manners. I’m sure this dream will come true if all DICEians enjoy DICE activities with an open-mind.
    DICE is a great family! And we are all members. If you are faced with a problem, you can just knock on another DICEian’s door and they will try their best to help you. One of the basic rules of DICE is saying hello to others even though you don’t know who he/she is. Saying hello is the best way to become closer with others, and I’m sure that DICE residents are closer together than residents of any other dormitory. Most of us live far away from our hometown, especially interna- tional students. However, your roommate or your neighbors can be your brother or sister. Just say hello and become family!!
    DICE is a miniature world! A major problem of DICE is that not many interna- tional students participate in DICE activities. Sadly, this makes it hard for us to exchange Korean culture with you. So, I’m preparing lots of activities that are helpful and enjoyable to international students. Also, if you have any ideas, please share with us! Don’t feel shy about socializing with Korean students. We can easily overcome any problems resulting from culture differences, if you try to share yours with us and explain it to others. Just be open-minded and accept cultural difference!!
    Living in DICE is a good chance to meet various friends who come from many countries. Do not lose this great opportunity and enjoy it! I will try my best to make DICE the most enjoyable dormitory as well as a place for rest. Open your mind, your heart and say hello to your friends.



Hye Mi Kim

5th Dean of DICE



DICE: Base of International Social Networking, Fun and Happiness

posted Mar 4, 2010, 9:40 PM by Igor Dzhebyan   [ updated Mar 4, 2010, 9:46 PM by Changkyu Song ]

Hello! I am Joo Young Lee. It is my honor to meet you all as the dean of DICE.

First of all I welcome you all to the only international community in POSTECH.

DICE (Dormitory for International Cultural Exchange) started in 2008 as an international self-governing dormitory. During the last 2 years we have tried very hard to build its foundation. In the beginning, there were many difficulties due to language barriers and cultural differences. However, we gradually overcame these problems through many discussions and made some distinct progress since then. Now we just started to observe some visible growth. If all DICEian join and collaborate we will become the most successful dormitory in the world!  

Base of international social networking

I cannot emphasize any further how important social networking is. Despite of all the cutting-edge technology and science developed in 21st century, many people still say that human resources are the most valuable asset. DICE is comprised of diverse talented students from all over the world. We can see what other cultures are like and learn how to deal with people who have different backgrounds. Opportunities to get to know each other and share precious memories will be a valuable experience.

Dormitory with a lot of fun & happiness

Basically I think any participations should be done by each residents’ own will. Residents should be encouraged to participate not only because of their needs, but also because it is fun and enjoyable, and they don’t want to miss any single activities of such a joyful community.  Confucius says "   不如       不如   " - Those who have knowledge cannot beat those who like it, and those who like it cannot beat those who enjoy it. We’d like to help all members of DICE to happily develop their own abilities and potentials.

Last of all, I appreciate all DICEian who eagerly participate in our activities and devote themselves to make better environment. Also, I really want to say that I love you so much, DICE!!

Thank you very much!


Joo Young Lee

4th Dean of DICE

DICE: The Way to Reach Our Global Dream

posted Mar 4, 2010, 9:37 PM by Igor Dzhebyan   [ updated Mar 4, 2010, 9:44 PM by Changkyu Song ]

Hello! I am Sung Won, currently working as a dean of DICE.

First of all, Welcome to the only international community in POSTECH.


Having been appointed as a dean for DICE in the 2nd semester of 2009, I am pleased to introduce myself through this homepage.


It is a great honor to work as a dean for international community. When I recollect the moment when I came to DICE for the first time in the 2008 winter vacation, I was so excited to meet people from various countries. Since I have never lived in a foreign country, it is most exciting for me that we can share our own culture and have the activities together. Before I was involved in DICE, I heard many things about it. But when it comes to experience living here, it's more than that.


As you might know, there are a lot of things happening around DICE: having meals together, watching movies, exercising and teaching Korean to a international students, etc. Since these activities are countless, I am sorry that I can't write up everything which might fill this page fully.

I guarantee that DICE is the most active and lively dormitory in POSTECH.


It's not easy to grab the chance to work on behalf of people of all nationalities. I feel lucky to get this chance. There will also be many difficulties resulting from language barriers and cultural differences. However, I know that we will eventually solve all of the problem and proceed one step more toward our global dream.


Last of all, I want to express my appreciation to all DICEian who participate in all events eagerly and devote themselves to making better environment. Before I conclude this writing, I really want to say that I love you so much, DICE!


Thank you very much!


Sung-won Cho 

3rd Dean of DICE

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