Unique Step on a Way to Our Global Dream

Dormitory for International Cultural Exchange (DICE) has no analogs in Korea. It is a community of open-minded and intelligent students from all over the world at POSTECH.

What is DICE?

DICE stands for “Dormitory for International Culture Exchange”, and as the name suggests, it is a unique dormitory where Korean and international students live together. Exchange students as well as international graduate and undergraduate students from countries such as USA, France, Italy, China, India, Pakistan, Germany, Vietnam, Morocco, Mongolia, Great Britain, Ukraine and many others are currently living in DICE. Other Korean students help international students to settle in POSTECH so that they can have good memories of the time they have spent in Korea. Also, everything in DICE is managed by residents themselves, since we aim to be the self-managing dormitory. We have Dean, Secretary, Accountant, kitchen managers, activity points managers, program managers, floor managers, etc., so every resident is assigned to his job to make our dormitory life richer. Of course, English is the official language in DICE for harmony among residents from everywhere in the world!
What is unique about DICE other than just living with international students?

First of all, there is a kitchen on the 1st floor of DICE! Equipped with refrigerator, microwave oven, hot plate, oven, sink and tables, everyone is welcome to use this common facility. Since many international students use the kitchen, there are many chances to experience other countries’ food too! If you politely ask for some, nobody refuses. There are also study rooms on each floor, so you don’t have to go all the way to the library to study in a quiet place. In addition, there are many English programs and group activities open to every resident. English programs such as ‘watching movies with English subtitles’, ‘translating Korean soap operas to English’, and ‘listening podcasts’ are educational programs of high quality, so everyone can learn English in easy way. There are also fun group activities such as ‘cooking’, ‘playing cards’, and ‘teaching Korean to international students’, that will help you make friends with other residents. Of course, you can open your own group activities if you become a member of DICE! Lastly but certainly not the least, everyone can participate in dorm administration by raising their opinions during discussion time.
What should members do to live in DICE?

To encourage everyone’s active participation, DICE adopts Activity Points system. Every member is required to obtain 5 AP per week, and it can be earned by English program participation (gives 2 AP) or group activity participation (1 AP). So you will need to participate in at least 3 hours of activities per week. Also, there is a residents meeting every Sunday at 11pm. It is very important to participate in this meeting, in order to know how DICE is run and take part in decisions of managing DICE. If you do not meet the AP requirements or miss the resident meeting, you will get penalty points and residents with accumulated penalty points more than 25 are asked to leave the dormitory. The purpose of Activity Points System is to encourage residents’ participation, so anyone who is willing to have active dormitory life is welcome to join DICE!
Isn’t life in DICE too busy? What kinds of events are there next semester?

Most of programs and activities are held between 9pm and 1am throughout the week, so you can participate anytime that suits you. It is very refreshing to meet people in the dormitory when you’re tired of studying, or when you need friends. You can also improve your English skills by participating in English programs!

Besides, you only need to fill 5 AP for 2 weeks during exam periods, so it is not that tough to fulfill AP requirements. Main events for the fall semester include Friday Night Party and the Halloween. Every last Friday of each month, we have Friday Night Party where every member of DICE enjoys international foods, drinks, games, music and dances. Come and enjoy!

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Ice-breaking Dinner

Friday Night Party

Ice-breaking Dinner